13 August 2018 11:15
(about 3 years ago)
I planned to make a notebook more than a year, but didn’t know were to start. The materials were purchased long ago, but I had too much ideas that were tangled in my head and I could not stop at one thing. And two days ago I suddenly made it, my first notebook in the cork cover. There are sheets from different notebooks, several pages are decorated by me, the butterfly is a pencil drawing. I like the result. I made some photos and video. The notebook is in the store.

4 June 2018 20:30
(over 3 years ago)
Sometimes the projects I have started do not want to end. Seems like I so forceless or too lazy, but I have a lot of stuff to finish and show you, but can’t complete them.
And there was the same problem with this letter and video. I was making this folder on live stream in my instagram. Next day I finished the decoration and recorded the video, made photographs and that’s all, the work stopped. I tortured myself, editing the video, rerendered it for many times, in the end everything lasted almost 2 months.
I have a feeling that my videos are becoming too similar to each other and it’s boring to watch them, I’m thinking how to make next videos.
The result of my torment can be seen here and, please, say me in the comments (on Youtube) that everything is not so bad. At such times, support is really needed.
P.S. Just think that photos are still beautiful.

12 March 2018 10:47
(over 3 years ago)

23 February 2018 22:30
(over 3 years ago)

20 December 2017 10:42
(almost 4 years ago)
I liked this template with the stars so much that I was looking for an opportunity to use it. And once I met the article about space in the magazine. I was very unpolite with that magazine, but the result in the form of this wonderful folder was worth it.
I'm showing the folder and finishing envelope decoration on this video. It's better to watch with sound and use headphones ^ ^

27 October 2017 13:14
(almost 4 years ago)
Video-meditation about creating a postcard using handmade paper.
Ingredients: handmade paper, some used stamps, some stickers, washi tape, paper decorative doily, wax and stamp. Clear water and tea (or watercolor).
The main advice - take your time, think through every detail. And do everything with love.
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Bird stickers illustrated by the Bird you can buy in my shop here
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4 October 2017 22:22
(about 4 years ago)
I'm not the best in making mail folders. I saw so much of them, but when I tried to make my own, I've lost all of ideas. But I still hope it's nice and beautiful and the one who will get it, will be really glad after open it and find all of surprises, I made.

And I made a special video to show the folder closer, you can watch it here or on my channel by this link

7 September 2017 20:00
(about 4 years ago)
My very first video about packing letter and other goodies to my dear friend. I used simple envelopes, some tape and a magazine page. And as final detail - wax stamp. The quality is not the best, but it's just first try..I hope, I will make more and better soon.
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