1 December 2018 11:05
(almost 3 years ago)
Update in my shop new printable template! You will find there two types of envelopes, three types of paper for letters, wrapping paper and stickers sheet. ALSO personally for you I can add a color background (like you can see on photo - yellow and pink background envelopes or any other you like), just comment about when you are placing order.

11 October 2018 17:57
(about 3 years ago)
This year I decided to try myself in the Inctober, but I don’t use the oficial task list and started with ten days of botanical drawings. It is interesting experience to make new drawing every day.

My works turned into printable sticker sheet. You can buy my printables in my Tictail shop.

31 March 2018 17:43
(over 3 years ago)
Sometimes I make orders on Aliexpress, and I know how it is difficult to make a decision. I made this article to show you some links I really tried, and I will add my own comments for every product. And you could see the unpacking process in my insta-stories.

Envelopes with a deer, 10 pieces
Beautiful and minimalistic. They was a little crumbles, but I still can use them.

Mini notebooks, 4 pieces
Very beautiful covers, paper inside is not the best, but they are small and you can take them everywhere.

Vintage stamp-stickers 96 pieces (6x16)
My favourite product. I love to use them in envelope and postcard decorations.

Cute cat stickers, 3 boxes (120 pieces)
Adorable, high quality, just in love with them.

Paper tapes, 5 pieces
Not really sticky, but I love their delicate colors. Probably I will use them for my planner.

The parcel was sent quickly and without mistakes, every position was in separate plastic bag. I just advise the seller to put some cardboard in bag with envelopes, too keep their form.

12 March 2018 11:52
(over 3 years ago)
These "avia" stickers fit to any envelope! They wouldn't take too much place.
The second sheet will help you to finish envelope decoration, also you can use some stickers for your planner.
Download link

Enjoy! I'm waiting for reviews with a link to me ***

12 March 2018 10:47
(over 3 years ago)

23 February 2018 22:30
(over 3 years ago)

27 October 2017 13:14
(almost 4 years ago)
Video-meditation about creating a postcard using handmade paper.
Ingredients: handmade paper, some used stamps, some stickers, washi tape, paper decorative doily, wax and stamp. Clear water and tea (or watercolor).
The main advice - take your time, think through every detail. And do everything with love.
Follow my channel and press likes!

Bird stickers illustrated by the Bird you can buy in my shop here
Have any questions? Contact me

16 July 2017 11:18
(over 4 years ago)
Some time ago I made some lovely watercolor clover illustrations, and I can funally show you the result.
This printable set is so cute and elegant, I'm really in love with it and hope you are too~

If you want to buy, just write to my email ( "I want clover printable set!" and be ready to send $5 to my PayPal.
Or in my shop by this link

Inside the PDF you will find 3 types of envelopes, 3 types of paper and a sheet with stickers of herbarium scans as bonus.

11 June 2017 18:47
(over 4 years ago)
Our Bird pleases us with miracles again~
Five illustrations formed the basis of the set. There are portraits of Cyanistes caeruleus, Cyanistes cyanus, Cyanistes pleskei, Parus major and Periparus ater.
A collection of envelopes and paper templates, as well as stickers for printing, united in one PDF by the link.