4 June 2018 20:30
(over 3 years ago)
Sometimes the projects I have started do not want to end. Seems like I so forceless or too lazy, but I have a lot of stuff to finish and show you, but can’t complete them.
And there was the same problem with this letter and video. I was making this folder on live stream in my instagram. Next day I finished the decoration and recorded the video, made photographs and that’s all, the work stopped. I tortured myself, editing the video, rerendered it for many times, in the end everything lasted almost 2 months.
I have a feeling that my videos are becoming too similar to each other and it’s boring to watch them, I’m thinking how to make next videos.
The result of my torment can be seen here and, please, say me in the comments (on Youtube) that everything is not so bad. At such times, support is really needed.
P.S. Just think that photos are still beautiful.

16 May 2018 21:21
(over 3 years ago)
I didnt't show here updates of my shop for a long time, although I worked a lot.
The last projects are seasonal printable sets with blooming Cherry and Lilac, I didn't catch them last spring, but can enjoy them now.
The new printed snail mail kit and giveaway are soon~
The shop is by this link

4 May 2018 19:42
(over 3 years ago)
The beginning of May is my favourite time of the year. I love it even more than winter frost. It’s the time of first green leaves, first flowers. Trees are hurry to bloom, this period is very beautiful and short in Moscow.
As it became warm I can’t stay home. I’m walking as much as possible, to get enough sun, enough spring. We had a short trip to a village, had some meat cooked on fire. I made my first walks in the dress and I was so missing my sandales.
However, my projects had stopped. Can’t finish my last video, didn’t update my shop for long, some mails are waiting long for a reply. I have to return to my work and finish everything I started. But while I’m searching for myself take a look to these spring photos I made.

5 March 2018 10:14
(almost 4 years ago)
It's spring already, but I'm still writing about winter. All my February has passed in work and I finally sum up the results here.
February is usually associated for me with flowers, and mostly with roses. I have a box in which I store dried flowers and at the end of winter, when it is still far from new flowers, my hands are drawn to this box. I want to look at these flowers, touch them, take pictures.
My dried roses became the main theme of a series of works. I made a set of templates and use theme with greate pleasure. Also I made two videos with roses, and in my Instagram profile you still can take part in a Giveaway.
You can see two outgoing mails I sent in my new envelopes, you can buy them here.

14 July 2017 17:10
(over 4 years ago)

23 May 2017 16:03
(over 4 years ago)
Blooming apple, three different varieties - with white, pink and purple flowers.
It's a big set, includes 6 envelopes, 5 types of paper for letters and a sheet with mini-polaroids.
You can get PDF by this link

21 May 2017 12:52
(over 4 years ago)

19 May 2017 15:40
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17 May 2017 14:29
(over 4 years ago)
The set of polaroids for free price! Please, don't forget to make a review ;-)
You can download here

16 May 2017 17:15
(over 4 years ago)
The bird cherry and the pear have blossomed, and I could not overlook this beauty..I made a whole series of templates with these beautiful flowers, which are of the first blooms to please us in the spring. You can find these templates in my shop.