4 January 2019 17:24
(almost 3 years ago)
I made a small order of postcards and lomo-cards during 11.11 sale on Aliexpress. It seems that the Internet is full of beautiful postcards, but it’s very difficult to choose among all the variety of products and I know, that any review can be useful, so I'm sharing one store I liked here.

Postcards with cats and flowers are already out of stock. It was a mini set of 10 postcards. What can I say? Kitties are nice, delicate light colors and a neutral mood of the plot. Will be perfectly combined with snail mails in different styles.

Lomo-cards with pencil illustrations of different animals - the link is here. The sweetest pictures that perfectly fits to the snail mails in various styles. Packed in a box, laid neatly. All the pictures are different. Only after I received them, I saw that there were funny inscriptions on the cards that convey the mood of the animals. The back side is empty.

Lomo-cards with watercolor illustrations - the link is here. Mimimeter rolls over! Here are wild and domestic animals in nice sweaters, with flowers, with letters, with tea. Suitable for different seasons (spring, winter, summer, autumn). The back side of the cards with lines, all the drawings are different. Packed in a box, laid neatly.

The whole package was wrapped in a pimply film and a bag. The order was shipped quickly, but because of the sale, the delivery took long time, but it's a problem of postal service, not the store. I am pleased with the order, I have looked at something else in this shop, I hope I will tell you about the new sets of cards soon.

31 March 2018 17:43
(over 3 years ago)
Sometimes I make orders on Aliexpress, and I know how it is difficult to make a decision. I made this article to show you some links I really tried, and I will add my own comments for every product. And you could see the unpacking process in my insta-stories.

Envelopes with a deer, 10 pieces
Beautiful and minimalistic. They was a little crumbles, but I still can use them.

Mini notebooks, 4 pieces
Very beautiful covers, paper inside is not the best, but they are small and you can take them everywhere.

Vintage stamp-stickers 96 pieces (6x16)
My favourite product. I love to use them in envelope and postcard decorations.

Cute cat stickers, 3 boxes (120 pieces)
Adorable, high quality, just in love with them.

Paper tapes, 5 pieces
Not really sticky, but I love their delicate colors. Probably I will use them for my planner.

The parcel was sent quickly and without mistakes, every position was in separate plastic bag. I just advise the seller to put some cardboard in bag with envelopes, too keep their form.

9 October 2017 11:11
(about 4 years ago)
This summer I took part in a giveaway from Naomi Bulger and certainly did not expect to be so lucky.
I've been watching the progression of Naomi’s creations for about three years. Her works, simple but original, can be seen in probably every blog devoted to paper letters and mail-art. Therefore, to receive even a simple letter or postcard from her would be as cool as getting an autograph of some rock star. And then, by the will of fate, I won a beautiful set of handmade cups, Ceylon tea and postcards from Bootspaper.

And after two months, in my hands is this box, which flew from the other side of the world. Just think about it! Australia is so far away. Such an extraordinary feeling of holding something created, on another continent, 15 thousand kilometers away from me.
The last few days were really hard. I was returning home, barely dragging my legs. I looked in the mailbox out of habit and when I realized what kind of notification it was, the forces of excitement and adrenaline that came on had me running up to the post office to get the parcel as soon as possible.
I showed all of this beauty during a live stream on my Instagram. The box is decorated beautifully. Ordinary kraft paper has turned into a winter forest with a girl walking through it. And settled along the perimeter, a whole jungle of stamps with images of exotic animals and insects. I very carefully removed the wrapper, and now I admire it, but I cannot think of how to store it better .. does anyone have an idea? Write me!
Inside, there was an envelope with a postcard from Naomi where she wrote a couple of words for me, as well as two cards of dense watercolor paper, with drawings made by hand. By the way, you can buy them here.

What happiness, that the cups did not break! I was so worried about them because anything can happen in the post office. Each cup is unique and beautiful in its own way. The test drive has already passed two, the others are still flaunting in the buffet.
I would like to thank Naomi again for such a wonderful giveaway. And of course I recommend you follow her Instagram, read the blog and be inspired by creativity!

8 June 2017 22:39
(over 4 years ago)
My movie of the week - Tim's Vermeer. It's about the dream, about brilliant ideas.
I think every artist must be an inventor at first and then have a lot of patience and only after two these things - a talent. And if this theory is true, Vermeer was a really cool inventor! Absolutely advise you to see it~

14 May 2017 15:22
(over 4 years ago)
Please share photos of your mails with my templates~
I will repost it in my instagram or here on the site!

29 April 2017 13:34
(over 4 years ago)
I check on myself, everything that I do, so before I opened the store, I sent the envelopes of my own production.