4 January 2019 17:24
(almost 3 years ago)
I made a small order of postcards and lomo-cards during 11.11 sale on Aliexpress. It seems that the Internet is full of beautiful postcards, but it’s very difficult to choose among all the variety of products and I know, that any review can be useful, so I'm sharing one store I liked here.

Postcards with cats and flowers are already out of stock. It was a mini set of 10 postcards. What can I say? Kitties are nice, delicate light colors and a neutral mood of the plot. Will be perfectly combined with snail mails in different styles.

Lomo-cards with pencil illustrations of different animals - the link is here. The sweetest pictures that perfectly fits to the snail mails in various styles. Packed in a box, laid neatly. All the pictures are different. Only after I received them, I saw that there were funny inscriptions on the cards that convey the mood of the animals. The back side is empty.

Lomo-cards with watercolor illustrations - the link is here. Mimimeter rolls over! Here are wild and domestic animals in nice sweaters, with flowers, with letters, with tea. Suitable for different seasons (spring, winter, summer, autumn). The back side of the cards with lines, all the drawings are different. Packed in a box, laid neatly.

The whole package was wrapped in a pimply film and a bag. The order was shipped quickly, but because of the sale, the delivery took long time, but it's a problem of postal service, not the store. I am pleased with the order, I have looked at something else in this shop, I hope I will tell you about the new sets of cards soon.

23 February 2018 22:30
(over 3 years ago)

4 October 2017 22:22
(about 4 years ago)
I'm not the best in making mail folders. I saw so much of them, but when I tried to make my own, I've lost all of ideas. But I still hope it's nice and beautiful and the one who will get it, will be really glad after open it and find all of surprises, I made.

And I made a special video to show the folder closer, you can watch it here or on my channel by this link

23 May 2017 16:03
(over 4 years ago)
Blooming apple, three different varieties - with white, pink and purple flowers.
It's a big set, includes 6 envelopes, 5 types of paper for letters and a sheet with mini-polaroids.
You can get PDF by this link

17 May 2017 14:29
(over 4 years ago)
The set of polaroids for free price! Please, don't forget to make a review ;-)
You can download here