11 October 2018 17:57
(about 3 years ago)
This year I decided to try myself in the Inctober, but I don’t use the oficial task list and started with ten days of botanical drawings. It is interesting experience to make new drawing every day.

My works turned into printable sticker sheet. You can buy my printables in my Tictail shop.

25 July 2018 13:17
(about 3 years ago)
You can get for free this envelope with "fantasy" flower drawing I made. Just go by this link and use "0" as a fair price

22 March 2018 8:54
(over 3 years ago)

16 June 2017 17:16
(over 4 years ago)
Finally I realized a template with an illustration of a fox that I made in the spring.
This set is suitable for any paper and even for a black and white printer.
It's already in my shop by this link
Looking at this fox is impossible not to smile! ^^

3 May 2017 14:51
(over 4 years ago)
In difficult times I need something makes me smile..and once I found this lovely fox in Instagram juniperfoxx since that time it's my medicine for melancholy.
I don't like to draw by photos, but I don't have other chance to draw her..And the Juniper's owner liked the result! Wait for templates ;-)