7 November 2018 9:33
(about 3 years ago)
I decided to share with you some reasons why I started making printable sets for snail mail.
If you don’t yet know - I make printable items for mailart with my own photos and drawings. Look through contacts tab.
Well, the first reason to make printable envelopes is the delivery. As we know, the post service can be very unpredictable. Sometimes we receive our mail & orders very quickly, sometimes we have to wait for months, unfortunately, sometimes we never receive them. The delivery price is quite expensive, especially if we use registered shipping. My customers are receiving my PDFs as soon as I see they've made an order.
Price. Printable sets costs as a cup of coffee. If I’ll print, pack and ship them to you, the price will be much higher.
Economy. If I ever find the typography to print my envelopes and other items, I will be required to order no less than 100 copies of every product. This uses so much paper! I don’t know where to take so much money to make an order in typography. I don’t know where to keep so much stock. And if you've ordered and received my pre-printed envelopes, you'd also have to keep them somewhere. With PDF it’s easy - print as often as you need and as many times as you like.
Mistakes. We all are not robots. Have you ever received something you didn’t order? If I make a mistake sending order, with PDF's, I just send another email with the correct product. No need to pay again or wait long.
Variety. I usually make different designs in one printable set (read descriptions, ask questions). I’m trying to make prints in different styles (animal, botanical and etc) and for different printers (color/black and white).
Support. If you have any problems with my products or with printing, I’m always here to help you and answer questions (if it is possible).
“I don’t have a printer” - well, there are a lot of print shops (copy centers) everywhere around the world. You can take a flash card and print some pages there (I think it would be cheaper than purchasing pre-printed envelopes if I were produce them).
I can see a lot of people taking my free stuff, I see a lot of shops with digital printables (and a lot of reviews). I conclude - it’s popular.
By buying my works, you don’t just give me money, you help me to move forward, to feel that myself and my work are important and useful.
Thanks to everyone who reads this and thanks to those who buy my art and share reviews.
New deer printable set is in my shop already.

2 July 2017 23:59
(over 4 years ago)
From time to time, I show master classes, where you can see how it turns out what is on my photos.
This time I will create a collage-envelope with a magazine illustration.
Honestly, I'm not sure you will see something special, I do not pretend to be a master of design, but I'm sure that there will be those who just like these video process, well, I hope that some of my techniques will help you in the future.

I will speak very simple and funny "Russian" English.
Please, make comments during the live stream, if I see any activity I can understand if I'm speaking for somebody or I'm talking to the wall. Don't be shy to ask questions.

Waiting for you tomorrow here!

14 April 2017 12:42
(over 4 years ago)
It is the most interesting question I usually hear from other people, so I decided to answer it in this article.

It seems like I started penpalling about 2.5 years ago in November of 2014. But in fact, that is not entirely true. I always had the urge to "write." I never had problems with talking and writing, voicing my opinion and leading discussions (if it's truly a discussion and not a dispute on the Internet with trolls). You can be sure, for this very reason - my strongly outspoken nature - I don’t have a lot of friends. People did not like it, so for a long time I learned to keep quiet and listen.

In different periods of my adolescenceI wrote... wrote poems, diaries and sometimes letters. My first mails were naive, dreamy and emotional. Recently, while looking through my things before moving, I found a box in which I have ALL greeting cards from different holidays, old personal diaries and mails - this was an exciting read :) And how many emotions... words can not convey!

10 April 2017 17:35
(over 4 years ago)
I'm glad to meet you here!
This is the very first post, and it is about this website and our great plans.
My name is Maria - you can read about me and view the website rules by clicking the "about me" link.
You can see all of the latest news here, on the wall. Every post includes tags that relate to the post. You can also see all the tags along the right side of the page. They will help direct you to information you might need. If you would like to contact me, just use the "contact" tab. You will find my e-mail address and IG profile link there.

I hope there will be a lot of very useful information for you soon - inspiring articles, art and free templates! I can say I have Napoleonic plans, and I hope I will have enough force for it!

Wondering how to help me? Share my website with your friends and in you social groups, use my art (but link back to me please!) and follow my Instagram. Your involvement will put a smile on my face and encourage me to do more and better!
I hope you will find all of this very exciting!
Have a beautiful day!