2 August 2017 14:34
(over 4 years ago)

16 July 2017 11:18
(over 4 years ago)
Some time ago I made some lovely watercolor clover illustrations, and I can funally show you the result.
This printable set is so cute and elegant, I'm really in love with it and hope you are too~

If you want to buy, just write to my email (contact@letterswithart.com)- "I want clover printable set!" and be ready to send $5 to my PayPal.
Or in my shop by this link

Inside the PDF you will find 3 types of envelopes, 3 types of paper and a sheet with stickers of herbarium scans as bonus.

14 July 2017 17:10
(over 4 years ago)

2 July 2017 23:59
(over 4 years ago)
From time to time, I show master classes, where you can see how it turns out what is on my photos.
This time I will create a collage-envelope with a magazine illustration.
Honestly, I'm not sure you will see something special, I do not pretend to be a master of design, but I'm sure that there will be those who just like these video process, well, I hope that some of my techniques will help you in the future.

I will speak very simple and funny "Russian" English.
Please, make comments during the live stream, if I see any activity I can understand if I'm speaking for somebody or I'm talking to the wall. Don't be shy to ask questions.

Waiting for you tomorrow here!

27 June 2017 22:26
(over 4 years ago)

26 June 2017 20:55
(over 4 years ago)
I like to write letters on vellum, so I have plenty of experience working with it. I decided to write a few tips for those who are working with it for the first time, I hope they will come in handy.

Firstly, let's choose a vellum type (see the photos below for reference).
Number one is vellum for ink. It's glossy and it's hard to write on, so itisn't a good fit. Under number two is a vellum for pencil. It's matte and very transparent - the best choice on my opinion. The other two vellum types are for baking; they can have glossy and matte sides, so if you are going to use them for writing or making envelopes, use matte side.
The first two types can be purchased at any stationery (craft) store, and the third and fourth in the any supermarket.

Let's take vellum for pencil. It is easy to write on and it is fairly transparent, so we will use it. No need to draw lines - just apply a sheet of vellum paper to any lined paper and affix it with any way you like (using paper tape or paper clips).

I advise you to check how your pen will write on a vellum paper, before writing a letter. Try to write a test phrase on a sheet of vellum. You may notice that ballpoint pens rarely work well on vellum, and gel pen ink can be easily smudged. I like to write on vellum with liners, they are thin, work good and do not smudge.

If you still have questions, contact me!

16 June 2017 17:16
(over 4 years ago)
Finally I realized a template with an illustration of a fox that I made in the spring.
This set is suitable for any paper and even for a black and white printer.
It's already in my shop by this link
Looking at this fox is impossible not to smile! ^^