27 November 2017 23:28
(over 3 years ago)
Suddenly realized that for a whole month have not visited the site. I sorted out the accumulated mail, housework, thought about the future.
November is always hard, until the snow has fallen, it is very dark and cold and there is a fear that it will always be so. Everybody are waiting for the New Year (and Christmas), they are preparing gifts and I had to work on templates that are about to appear here, but I do not feel any holiday and delay preparations until the last. November is tired, sleepy, but with the scent of cocoa, cinnamon and candles that flash in the autumn on every my photo.

1 November 2017 16:40
(almost 4 years ago)
You can take it for free with using arrow in the full screen version and use on your monitor or print it on the A4 size paper and place it on the wall.

27 October 2017 13:14
(almost 4 years ago)
Video-meditation about creating a postcard using handmade paper.
Ingredients: handmade paper, some used stamps, some stickers, washi tape, paper decorative doily, wax and stamp. Clear water and tea (or watercolor).
The main advice - take your time, think through every detail. And do everything with love.
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Bird stickers illustrated by the Bird you can buy in my shop here
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26 October 2017 17:36
(almost 4 years ago)
Bright and warm autumn sets. The pattern of leaves, a cozy still life and pumpkins, which can easily be turned into a theme message for Halloween. Only my illustrations.
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21 October 2017 16:49
(almost 4 years ago)
I always was interested how do other people make this beautiful photos of their workspace..and do you know the secret? They make it pretty only for photos. I don’t want to say it’s bad, I just want to say what do I feel about trying to make mine photos. I think it’s a good way to become a little bit better. I don’t spend just 5 minutes. I make an order on my table, I think how to get beautiful composition, how to use the light. I like to try something new.
And you know what? I wished to get some natural candles and use them more often, when I’m writing letters and not just for photos..

14 October 2017 11:43
(almost 4 years ago)
Simple, but lovely printable set with one of my favourite symbols of fall.
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9 October 2017 11:11
(almost 4 years ago)
This summer I took part in a giveaway from Naomi Bulger and certainly did not expect to be so lucky.
I've been watching the progression of Naomi’s creations for about three years. Her works, simple but original, can be seen in probably every blog devoted to paper letters and mail-art. Therefore, to receive even a simple letter or postcard from her would be as cool as getting an autograph of some rock star. And then, by the will of fate, I won a beautiful set of handmade cups, Ceylon tea and postcards from Bootspaper.

And after two months, in my hands is this box, which flew from the other side of the world. Just think about it! Australia is so far away. Such an extraordinary feeling of holding something created, on another continent, 15 thousand kilometers away from me.
The last few days were really hard. I was returning home, barely dragging my legs. I looked in the mailbox out of habit and when I realized what kind of notification it was, the forces of excitement and adrenaline that came on had me running up to the post office to get the parcel as soon as possible.
I showed all of this beauty during a live stream on my Instagram. The box is decorated beautifully. Ordinary kraft paper has turned into a winter forest with a girl walking through it. And settled along the perimeter, a whole jungle of stamps with images of exotic animals and insects. I very carefully removed the wrapper, and now I admire it, but I cannot think of how to store it better .. does anyone have an idea? Write me!
Inside, there was an envelope with a postcard from Naomi where she wrote a couple of words for me, as well as two cards of dense watercolor paper, with drawings made by hand. By the way, you can buy them here.

What happiness, that the cups did not break! I was so worried about them because anything can happen in the post office. Each cup is unique and beautiful in its own way. The test drive has already passed two, the others are still flaunting in the buffet.
I would like to thank Naomi again for such a wonderful giveaway. And of course I recommend you follow her Instagram, read the blog and be inspired by creativity!