1 May 2017 21:38
(over 4 years ago)
Printable set "Breath of spring".
And you can see my version of using it.
Available here

30 April 2017 19:28
(over 4 years ago)
I like to use white envolepes, they are not heavy, and the main thing - they are ready, you just need to add some decore.
This time I used a watercolor and some washi tape. The address is typed on self-adhesive paper with a typewriter.
Remember, simple paper doen't like a lot of water.

For the first envelope, I used the technique of stamp. I made watercolor stains on a separate sheet, and then attached the envelope to it with the front side.
The second envelope I painted with a wide brush-bristles, using light movements in one direction. Brush should be almost dry.

29 April 2017 13:34
(over 4 years ago)
I check on myself, everything that I do, so before I opened the store, I sent the envelopes of my own production.

26 April 2017 17:40
(over 4 years ago)
The first flowers, the trees are preparing to bourgeon the leaves..
I bring home some branches, I paint. I recollect watercolors. Working with it is easy and difficult at the same time.
So it turned out my April series of templates, calm plant motifs, a simple design with attention to detail.
They are full of my love for spring, I pass it to you.
Templates can be bought in my store. You will receive a PDF file that you can print endlessly many times.

Search in my store by the link

PS. As a pleasant bonus, I made one template for a free price. Look for it in my Gumroad page or email me and ask me to send you~

24 April 2017 20:31
(over 4 years ago)

24 April 2017 18:37
(over 4 years ago)
Cats are my passion. And, although, I can not be attributed to the mad cat-lovers, who have a lot of clothes, wallpaper and other things with kittens, I have quite a lot of "cat's" stickers, tapes and postcards.
One of my favorite illustrations with cats made by Midori Yamada, her cats are so refined, elegant.
One evening, when I made out an envelope, I began to pick up goodies for it and I was so inspired by one sticker... First I decided to draw a few flowers near the sticker in the end of the letter. And then I tried to make a copy of this cat on the envelope. Because of watercolors paper a little hogged, but how tender and picturesque it came out.

22 April 2017 20:03
(over 4 years ago)
This time I was again inspired by a small detail - a stamp with Voronov's snowdrops. So in this way a gentle green color appeared, as well as a pencil drawing at the end of the letter.