Hello, dear friend!

My name is Maria Ivanova, and I've enjoyed penpalling for a long time - maybe many of you have seen my Instagram page. This website was made as motivation for me to do a lot of nice mail-art and to share my inspiration with you.

I will post different printable templates, illustrations and other types of art here, some of which you will be able to use for free, while others will be available for purchase in my shop. It's not easy to find many nice printables on the internet, so I decided to share some of my art for free. However, if you would like to help me with money for paintings and cookies, I will be really happy - just contact me any way you like.

Some strict rules for you:

-All the content of this website
is protected by copyright

-Photos and printables may be
used for free, but you must give
me full credit by providing a link
back to this page or by including
my name

-The sell or resale of any parts of
this website content is strictly
prohibited, except shops who have
reached a special agreement with me

-If you have a shop and you would
like to sell my art or photos, please
contact me

-If you see anybody selling my
works, please contact me

-Take plenty of inspiration and
have a wonderful day!
Best wishes, Maria.