21 January 2018 11:18
(over 3 years ago)

This is a little sad, but happy story about my cat.
I was dreaming to have a cat since my childhood, but my father has an allergy so there was no way to take any pet at home. After I met my husband and we were living together, he knew about my strong love to cats and suddenly he made the biggest gift for me. He bought this lovely half main coon girl. He just went out for a half of day and returned back with a lovely kitten.
We gave her a name - Lala (but in the more soft way, maybe Lyalya will be more correctly).

She is gorgeous and brave. She is speaking with us all the time and she likes to see new people at home. She makes us happy.
And when my husband had blood test it showed that he has allergy (we didn’t noticed it, there were no any symptoms). So we had to find new place for cat. We were absolutely broken. We couldn’t imagine our days without her. We started to ask our friends and relatives but nobody wanted to take her. We were looking for any place for rent to make a workshop there and to settle Lala there, but it was too far or too expensive.

Finally we found a couple who could take our cat for some time and we could visit them any time. It was not too bad. Lala was scary when we brought her in new home, but after some days she was ok. I visited her maybe once a week, brought some food. After we had a trip abroad for a month and during this time happened some troubles. That couple who took cat had some urgent cases and they had to go to other city for several days. I think cat was alone more than three days. When we returned home we just took cat back, because people who took her were able to move and couldn’t take cat in new place.

Lala didn’t leave me alone even for a minute. She was really scary to be alone again. We didn’t know what to do next. And in the end my husband’s father (he live separate with his mother) decided to take Lala. He didn’t take her before because granny was strongly against it. She didn’t want even to hear about cat. But of course after couple days spent together with cat she changed her mind. Granny and cat love each other so much. When we visit them all the stories granny tell us are about Lala, it’s so funny.
Sometimes we take Lala home for some days. It’s not very dangerous for my husband, but brings us a lot of joy. That is why I don’t have too much photos with her, but I will share some as often as she will visit us.

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