19 December 2017 17:23
(over 3 years ago)
December is my month. I was born close to Christmas and New Year, I love winter full of snow and frost. I’m like winter - my eyes are blue, my skin is light and I mostly cold, but have some warm inside, like winter houses heated with a stove. I give all of my warm to people who close to me and to my arts, which I share with you more than a year.
I can't afford new pen pals, I don't give my address to everyone who wants to write to me, simply because I can't answer everyone and I'm afraid not to match to expectations of people, even if they tell me they don’t want anything back. But as there are so much holidays so close I decided to tell you how easy make me happy, if you really want to do something for me. There are some ways.
Tell about my arts in your feed or stories. Download any of my FREE templates from my Gumroad and share photos of using my prints with a link to me. Follow my Youtube. Read my blog (link in shop). Give me likes and comments here, it’s the best way for me to see you need me and my arts. The biggest gift you can give me - to buy something from my shop, because the best present for any artist is to be paid for work. And you will get my template you can use hundred times or more. That is all. I hope you have a good day and I wish you wonderful holidays. Thank you for being here.

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