24 April 2019 8:33
(over 2 years ago)
Don’t know where to start.

There have been a lot of important events over the past months that have thrown me out of life and it’s hard to say when I will return to normal.
First and foremost, I lost my husband. It is scary and very hard. And I ask you, don’t bother me on this subject. The best thing you can do is support my creativity, because that's all I have. It is important for me to see that you need me.
Secondly, the Tictail platform has closed and I don’t have a convenient online store now. I can’t write the store module to the site either, my husband was doing it.
I have been looking for the best solution to this problem. And I think the most simple way for me is to post all the information about my products in my instagram by the tag letters_with_art_shop, for convenience, it has been added to the profile description.
I will add all the information about the goods in old posts or publish them again. Also you can find my products here on the site, if you look through the wall.
You also can ask me any questions about my products any time in direct or any other way look at contacts tab).

Third, I will try to make parcels for sale more often. They traditionally include envelopes printed by me, stickers with my illustrations, as well as all sorts of paper stuff: notebooks, postcards, cuts and others.
If you don’t want to miss them, turn on notifications of my publications in instagram.

And finally, I’m looking for work now, I’m learning new things and the mood is ... so it’s hard for me to update my instagram and site regularly. Please, don’t lose me, don’t forget me. And be a little more active under my posts, and I would like to come back to you again and again, like to take a breath of fresh air.
Thank you for coming and reading the post.
Have a wonderful spring.

13 January 2019 11:18
(about 3 years ago)
Can't make a photo which will trully show soft pink colors of these envelopes, but try to believe me..so why to try? Just download and check! The link is here.

13 January 2019 10:53
(about 3 years ago)
Just want to share here some of my resent outgoings. I used my own printables a lot this time and also tried to add some creativity to ready envelopes. I hope my ideas will help you with holiday mail decorations.

All of these printable sets you can find in my shop.
9 January 2019 12:13
(about 3 years ago)
Some photographs I made for Russian Christmas.

4 January 2019 17:24
(about 3 years ago)
I made a small order of postcards and lomo-cards during 11.11 sale on Aliexpress. It seems that the Internet is full of beautiful postcards, but it’s very difficult to choose among all the variety of products and I know, that any review can be useful, so I'm sharing one store I liked here.

Postcards with cats and flowers are already out of stock. It was a mini set of 10 postcards. What can I say? Kitties are nice, delicate light colors and a neutral mood of the plot. Will be perfectly combined with snail mails in different styles.

Lomo-cards with pencil illustrations of different animals - the link is here. The sweetest pictures that perfectly fits to the snail mails in various styles. Packed in a box, laid neatly. All the pictures are different. Only after I received them, I saw that there were funny inscriptions on the cards that convey the mood of the animals. The back side is empty.

Lomo-cards with watercolor illustrations - the link is here. Mimimeter rolls over! Here are wild and domestic animals in nice sweaters, with flowers, with letters, with tea. Suitable for different seasons (spring, winter, summer, autumn). The back side of the cards with lines, all the drawings are different. Packed in a box, laid neatly.

The whole package was wrapped in a pimply film and a bag. The order was shipped quickly, but because of the sale, the delivery took long time, but it's a problem of postal service, not the store. I am pleased with the order, I have looked at something else in this shop, I hope I will tell you about the new sets of cards soon.

31 December 2018 18:36
(about 3 years ago)
It seems that the winter began only yesterday, but it's already 31 of December. This year was hard and full of worries, but also very productive. I created a lot of things and I hope not in vain.

I would like to wish everyone good health, good luck and inexhaustible flow of inspiration!
~Happy New Year~

15 December 2018 20:24
(about 3 years ago)
You can downlload this cute print from my Gumroad page.
Do you like it? Press the heart under the photo.